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Ashiatsu Training


Basic Ashiatsu   

18 CEU's NCBMTB approved

June 23-24, July 14-15

Advanced Ashiatsu  9 CEU's

June 27, July 18 



Ashiatsu means "foot pressure", effective strokes that are broad, evenly maintained pressure that can be light, medium or deep. The foot fits the contours of the body bringing relief to tight, sore muscles and really relaxing the entire body! The foot pressure gives the client a very comfortable deep tissue massage. Most people say they love ashiatsu more than a massage with hands, forearms and elbows!! (I hear this every day I work!) 

I have been practicing ashiatsu since 2007 and became an Instructor in 20012. Ashiatsu has become my specialty. It is why clients come back to see me and why they refer their family and friends to me! The best part is that it is easy on my body! 

I truly enjoy sharing my experience and expertise in the art of barefoot massage with massage therapists like YOU!  

My classes are held in a professional setting. Students are given respect and personal attention to assist you in learning with passion. This massage technique takes practice and I want my students to be the BEST!  

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you'd like to set up an ashiatsu appointment with me.


Course Outline

Ashiatsu Basics, 2-Day Course 18 hours

Learn to use your feet and save your back and hands!

You will learn:

  1.  a full body routine 
  2. review contraindications and anatomy
  3.  how to use your feet best and care for your feet
  4.  how to set up the overhead bars   
  5. Sign up with a friend and take the course together! 

Ahh…shiatsu® Bar Basic 2-Day Course  This would be the Posterior, Anterior and Certification of Ashiatsu Basic. Includes digital manual with color pictures and detailed instructions and digital video of routine. Also included is the stationary bar installation instructions.

$150.00 non refundable deposit then $375.00 first day of class. Total $525 

Hawaii residents and ABMP members receive 10% discount. With discount total $472.50

Ashiatsu Advance, 1 day course 9 hours

Required Pre-requisite  - Ashiatsu Basic

Ashiatsu Advanced Bar Course is an 8 CE NCBTMB approved course with certification. It covers two-footed advanced and sports specific moves for posterior and anterior such as Psoas, Subscapularis, Pectoralis Minor, Epicondylitis, etc….that can be inserted to the Ashiatsu Basic massage routine which is a prerequisite for this course. Ashiatsu Advanced Bar course uses overhead bars for balance and this is a deep tissue barefoot massage modality developed by Barefoot Masters®. with instructor Michelle D. Mace to save the hands of the massage therapist.

Most states accept NCBTMB approved courses, including New York.  We also have separate provider ship for Louisiana and Florida.  If not sure please check “State Requirements” on home tab to make sure.

*Live Course Class – 1-Day Course – You receive manual/DVD, hands -on and certification.

$150.00 non refundable deposit then $125.00 day of class. Total $275

Hawaii residents and ABMP members receive %10 discount. With discount total $247.50


Sign up for Ashiatsu

Contact me for additional dates via e-mail or 808-778-7809


A few side notes: Ashiatsu is absolutely the best for work on the hips and legs! The foot fits around the scapula and gets into the terres- lats atatchments so effectively! Broad deep strokes up the erector spinae group is oh so easy! I love being an ashiatsu therapist! 

Sincerely, Abby Parker. LMT

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